PipeFiction Help Woda deliver water to his friends
PipeFiction. An addictive iPhone puzzle game | Read more

We gamify your business model!

We love technology. We love games. Here's what we at odddots™ have to offer:

  • Mobile Games

    • Bring your game idea to life!
    • Bring life to your game idea!
    • Advertise your brand by embedding it into a mobile game!
    • Gamify your marketing campaign!
  • Mobile Apps

    • Kick-start your mobile business opportunity!
    • Increase your customer's productivity by bringing the information they need to their mobile devices!
    • Realize rock-solid apps to support your business model!

Apart from that we write our own mobile games and publish them directly. Check out PipeFiction, a puzzle game for iOS and Windows 8/RT or VoteBoxx, a pretty little casual game for wanna-be politicians. Come back from time to time and let us surprise you with our latest game!

  • Platforms

    • iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
    • Android
    • Windows Phone 7/7.5/8
    • Windows 8/RT
  • Technologies

    • Cocos2D, Corona
    • Cocos2d-x, Corona
    • XNA (and hopefully Corona, soon?)
    • MonoGame, Cocos2d-xna

Odddots is a registered trademark of Goldfish Software located in Switzerland, your partner for all your software development needs.